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Tech-Driven Solutions for the IT Sector

The industry that encompasses furniture and home décor or furnishing is in a state of transition. However, though the course of comfort, beauty, and practicality continues to run, consumer preferences change. The current consumer wants and needs include the ability to customize homes to fit each homeowner; examples include smart home features and purchasing goods and materials for a home all from one place. Selecting furniture that matches the consumer's needs used to be a cumbersome affair for traditional furniture stores as these stores used ordinary showrooms and catalogs, which are static and cannot easily change according to the consumer's needs.

It is here that Pharoscion Global comes into the picture. Being aware of the specifics of the furniture and home decor industries, we will provide a hand-picked array of services to extend your business to the home furniture market of the future.

Pharoscion Global's Smart Solutions for Furniture and Home decor

Immersive Online Showrooms

Enjoy the benefits of the time-space continuum shift. Landbased Focus II can provide an e-commerce design that makes it easy to present your furniture and decor to potential customers in the best possible light. Some of the solutions we can implement involve virtual reality functionalities through which clients may see the furniture in their house virtually or augmented reality, which enables characterization of how a piece of furniture might look in the existing homes. This promotes confidence when making other purchases online and minimizes the chances of buyer's regret.

AI-Powered Design & Recommendation Tools

Allow customers to bring out their vision and make their homes what they envision. Pharoscion Global can assist in implementing corresponding AI design tools that offer the client relevant furniture and ornaments according to their chosen style, room size, and other existing furniture. Just think that a user chose a specific color scheme, and you offer them similar furniture sets or suggest which accents look most suitable. This makes it personal for shopping and also helps customers with the decorating process.

Seamless Omnichannel Shopping

Create a way to communicate with customers regardless of location. How it works: Pharoscion Global can assist in building a profound multi-channel strategy, synchronizing an internet store with bodily outlets. Consider enabling customers to choose furniture on the Internet, place items in-store using click-and-collect services, or request a Home Consultation in the form of a phone call. This makes it easy for different customers to establish a consistent shopping experience that corresponds with their propensity to shop for certain things.

You came ready to design and decorate homes of the future!

Reach Pharoscion Global now and discover how your furniture and decor can be promoted unusually, the client experience can be made unique, and a highly successful business can be established in the internet age.

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