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Not just another brick

Each person we employ is an integral part of who we are as a company. We hire people, not positions.

“We don’t hire people; we get stakeholders. Every human being in Pharoscion Global is a testimony to the fact that they are more than the human capital. They are the torchbearers of a vision that enables the digital transformation we hope to bring about.”

Every job ever listed has specific technical parameters associated with that listing. But we at Pharoscion Global look for more than technicalities; after all, technical skills can be taught. We tend to focus more on the uniqueness that a particular person can bring in, an essence that will make them more than just an employee, an identity that will make them a stakeholder in everything that we do. We are always looking for such talented, weird, and creative thinkers.

Being a stakeholder doesn’t mean we sacrifice other aspects. While we make our work a priority, this priority does not come at the cost of the things that are the backbone of living a good life. Family comes first. At Pharoscion Global, you will never find us asking you to trade your family for your work.


Don’t see a position that fits?

We’re always looking for talented people.


Why Pharoscion?

Health Insurance

Access to INR 200000 health insurance from day 1, unlimited teleconsults, discounts on medicines, an annual full body checkup, and more.

Our doors are always open

We don’t follow a hierarchical structure. Anyone in Pharoscion Global can be approached at any time, whether an intern or the CEO himself.

Hybrid Work Culture

To provide a stress-free working environment, Pharoscion Global provides a hybrid working culture in which employees can choose the mode of work they want.

Work hard, Play Harder

Work is a priority, but so is celebrating the small and big wins. We celebrate every occasion together with the whole team.

Diverse Background

Our stakeholders come from eclectic backgrounds and experiences, and we would love to see future Pharoscions from an even more diverse culture.

Expanding Team

We are expanding our team to fuel our future growth in APAC, EMEA and the Americas. That means you can have a meteoric rise to positions of responsibility when you join Pharoscion Global.

Amazon Prime

“All work and no entertainment makes a Pharoscion a dull Pharoscion.” Keeping this in mind, we provide you with an Amazon Prime subscription to satiate your entertainment needs.