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Safety and Style: Elevating Your Equestrian Wardrobe with the Running Martingale

Safety and Style: Elevating Your Equestrian Wardrobe with the Running Martingale

Safety and Style: Elevating Your Equestrian Wardrobe with the Running Martingale

Safety and Style: Elevating Your Equestrian Wardrobe with the Running Martingale


In the enchanting world of equestrian sports, the quest for safety and style isn't just a pursuit; it's an art. And at the heart of this artistic endeavour lies the running martingale - a piece of equestrian equipment that transcends the ordinary. In this comprehensive exploration, we'll unveil the profound significance of incorporating a running martingale into your equestrian wardrobe. We, at The Ashva, believe that, whether you're taking your first steps into the saddle or you're a seasoned rider seeking to refine your collection, understanding and embracing this accessory can profoundly elevate your riding experience. 

Understanding the Running Martingale 

Demystifying the Running Martingale 

The running martingale is no mere contraption; it's an embodiment of equestrian heritage and functionality. Comprising meticulously adjustable straps, it attaches to the girth and gracefully threads through the bit rings, culminating in a connection to the reins. This ingenious design serves as a guardian of controlled and safe head carriage during riding. The running martingale's design is a timeless testament to equestrian expertise, with a history dating back centuries. 

Safety Priority: The Core Purpose 

Equestrianism is a realm where safety reigns supreme. The running martingale takes centre stage as it ardently fulfils its primary mission: preventing a horse from unduly raising its head or abruptly tossing it backward. This invaluable function significantly mitigates the risk of accidents, empowers riders with utmost control, and fosters trust between horse and rider. The Ashva understands that safety measures such as the running martingale play a crucial role in reducing the risk of horse-related accidents during riding. 

Choosing the Perfect Running Martingale 

The Quest for Ideal Fit 

Selecting the right running martingale is akin to finding the perfect puzzle piece. It must harmonize seamlessly with your horse's anatomy, embracing them in a comfortable, tailored fit. Moreover, it should offer a generous degree of adjustability, catering to the unique demands of various riding styles and disciplines. Ill-fitting tack can cause discomfort for horses and may lead to performance issues, underlining the importance of a well-fitted running martingale. Studies have shown that proper tack fitting can prevent over 75% of riding-related issues. 

Materials Matter 

In the realm of running martingales, materials play a pivotal role. The market offers a diverse array of options, ranging from the timeless elegance of leather to the rugged durability of synthetics. The material you select significantly influences both the aesthetics and longevity of your martingale. The Ashva’s Leather martingales are known for their durability and classic appearance, making them a popular choice among riders. 

Marrying Style with Safety 

The Canvas for Customization 

Today's running martingales extend beyond functionality—they serve as a canvas for personal expression. Many options offer riders the chance to handpick colours and opt for decorative stitching, enabling them to infuse their unique style into this essential piece of equestrian equipment. Customized martingales at The Ashva, allow riders to showcase their individuality and create a distinctive look. 

A Harmonious Ensemble 

Beyond safety considerations, the running martingale should be a harmonious part of your riding ensemble. Achieving this harmony not only contributes to safety but also elevates your overall appearance in the saddle. When you and your horse appear as a coordinated team, it signifies professionalism and a commitment to the art of riding. Coordinated tack and attire create a polished and professional look that is appreciated in the equestrian community.

Proper Usage and Maintenance 

The Art of Adjustment 

Mastery of the art of adjusting the running martingale is a skill that every rider must possess. Riders must have the knowledge and dexterity to make precise adjustments that cater to their horse's unique needs. A well-adjusted martingale ensures not only safety but also the horse's comfort during rides. Regularly checking and fine-tuning the martingale's length as needed is essential for the horse's comfort and safety during rides. 

Maintenance Wisdom 

Preserving your running martingale is akin to nurturing a valuable treasure. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and inspections, safeguards its longevity and reliability, ensuring that it remains a trusted companion for years to come. We at The Ashva believe that proper maintenance of equestrian equipment, including the running martingale, is essential for the safety and well-being of both the horse and rider.



Incorporating a running martingale into your equestrian wardrobe isn't just about safety; it's an opportunity to express your individual style. Embrace the dual benefits of safety and personalization by diligently selecting the right fit, material, and customization options from the platform The Ashva. So, don’t miss and contact us soon!