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How Customised Atta can be a Game Changer for your Health?

How Customised Atta can be a Game Changer for your Health?

How Customised Atta can be a Game Changer for your Health?

Your health is your most valuable asset in today's society.

Only by consuming the proper food for nutrition can one achieve great health. It is clear that everyone wants to feel fantastic, be active, and guard against common diseases. This is difficult to achieve without the proper nutritional fundamentals, though.

Making gradual dietary modifications and eventually becoming acclimated to a healthy diet are the first steps in improving nutrition.

In order to maintain long-term health and nutrition, it's crucial to eat a balanced diet that includes fat, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. There is no need to consider some food to be off-limits, but all food should be consumed in moderation and in the proper amounts. The body gradually gets used to the new option, and soon eating healthily turns into a habit.

Food high in fibre and carbohydrates are crucial for nutrition because they offer us the energy we need to go through the day. These can be found in whole grains. They also aid in preventing diabetes, coronary heart disease, and some types of cancer. They digest more gradually, helping people feel fuller for longer while maintaining balanced blood sugar and insulin levels. One must distinguish between healthy and bad carbs, though. Whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables are examples of healthy carbs. Refined sugars are examples of bad carbohydrates.

Speaking of maintaining good health, let us try to understand how Flourpicker can serve your purpose. 

Is single grain atta / flour sufficient to meet our dietary requirements? If not, then let’s find out how we can improve this situation. 

One of the key components of our Indian diet is made up of breads and rotis which are made of flour/atta. Every human being is built differently and has different food requirements and sometimes plain atta is simply insufficient to satisfy the more stringent health criteria, and we require something other than simple atta made from a single grain. We must customise our atta since it is the simplest method to ensure that our body receives the proper nutrients without significantly sacrificing flavour or portion size.

For an anaemic person, who lacks iron content and has low haemoglobin and RBC count, single grain atta will not work. They require a combination of two of the most iron-rich millets, namely pearl millet (bajra) and finger millet (ragi), as well as whole wheat atta.

For a diabetic person, the combination of buckwheat and ragi works the best. These flours' low carbohydrate content makes the atta they produce useful for regulating blood sugar levels.

A combination of Millets, Barley and Almond Flour is good for people with heart conditions. Compared to all-purpose flour, it boasts double the protein, treble the fibre, and is high in heart-healthy fats.

Wheat Bran and Almond Flour help lower LDL Cholesterol and Blood Pressure. They can also help in preventing strokes and heart attacks as they contain highly soluble fibres. 

When it comes to multigrain atta for weight reduction, ragi is a fantastic addition choice because the amino acid tryptophan helps to keep the stomach satisfied for a longer period of time. Even Millet-rich diet helps in weight reduction. 

Ragi, bajra, buckwheat, and other Indian grains are rich sources of protein, dietary fibre, vitamins, and other vital components that improve our general health, with weight loss being one of the main advantages. Additionally rich in beneficial carbohydrates, millet aids in controlling digestion. It also keeps one full for a very long time. These elements make ragi, bajra, etc. great for losing a few excess pounds.

Anti-inflammatory qualities found in ragi and bajra work to reduce inflammation and relieve joint and arthritis pain.

Ragi is a calcium-rich food. One of the best calcium non-dairy sources, it is highly regarded. Ragi is recommended by professionals for preventing osteoporosis and lowering the risk of fracture.  Bajra on the other hand, has large amounts of phosphorus, which coupled with calcium aids in bone development.

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