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Are you a newbie to horseback riding? The list of riding equipment can seem overwhelming if you've just purchased a new horse! The equipment is necessary for both the horse and rider. Some equipment are optional, while others are essential only in certain fields. It is common for new riders to wander the aisles of a store or click through pages of a merchant online. You should familiarize yourself with the tools and materials you'll need before visiting a tack store, whether it be online or in person. Here is a list of horse riding equipment that every new rider should have for himself and his horse.

Equipment for Horse Riders


Let's begin with the most crucial item on this list. All equestrians should wear a horse riding helmet, regardless of their skill level. Even the most gentle horse can be startled, and even the most seasoned rider can be thrown or hurt. Horseback riding is a risky activity with a high risk of head injuries. You'll need a helmet manufactured especially for horseback riding, as it contains the required safety features. You must also ensure that your helmet is correctly worn and fitted.

It's impossible to predict what a horse will do, and you probably don't yet have the reflexes or instincts of a seasoned rider to notice these things. That’s why you’ll need to wear your helmet when riding.


Boots are not only fashionable but also necessary for safety reasons. An excellent pair of riding boots is a must-have for any beginner. Wearing normal boots is not a smart idea because they lack the safety elements found in riding boots. Tall boots are typically used for performances to prevent the saddle from pinching. Short boots, sometimes referred to as paddock boots, are a comfortable and versatile choice. If you're wearing paddock boots, you'll need half chaps since they provide more grip and leg protection.

You can also choose less fashionable cowboy boots. That way, you won't mind if they get caught in the mud every now and then. Still, they should be comfortable and feature at least one-inch heels.

What are the benefits of wearing heels? They keep your foot from slipping into the stirrup by holding on to it. You can't imagine how risky it is for a novice to lose their footing and tumble off the horse. If you prefer tall leather boots to the other, they are also a choice.

Riding Pants

Have you ever ridden a horse while wearing only shorts? If you answered yes, you may have felt a little uneasy while riding because your legs will be in constant contact with your horse. Riding pants not only keep you comfortable on the back of a horse, but they also keep you safe in the saddle. You can ride in jeans, breeches, or even leggings, just make sure the garments/material you choose are form-fitting and flexible. These are the features of riding tights that beginners should focus on.

Comfortable Shirt

You may ride in nearly any shirt as long as it is comfortable, allows for flexibility and movement, and allows you to move freely. There are shirts designed exclusively for equestrian riding that have comfort characteristics. However, if you're in a hurry, you can wear any shirt that doesn't restrict your movement and is composed of a breathable fabric. Because you'll be spending a lot of time outside on horseback, it's ideal to choose a shirt with UV protection.

Equipment for Horse-Riding

Saddle & Saddle Pad

A saddle is most likely the most expensive purchase you'll make for your horse. Saddles are made to accommodate both the horse and the rider. You'll also want to understand how to maintain your saddle so that it lasts as long as possible. Saddle pads are essential equipment for every ride since they protect the horse from the chafing of the saddle. Saddle pads are used under the saddle as a thin layer of padding to protect the saddle from rubbing on your horse. Saddle pads are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so make sure you get one that fits your horse and saddle. It's also crucial to understand the distinction between English and Western saddle pads. Depending on the type of riding you perform, make sure you obtain the right saddle pad.


When riding a horse, one of the most crucial communication instruments is a bridle. It's a real eye-catcher! This bridle is constructed of premium leather with extra comfortable cushioning. As a result, the bridle is extremely horse-friendly! It guarantees that the horses have the best possible wearing and comfort. There are several alternatives, and what you choose will be determined by the type of riding you do and whether or not you intend to compete with your horse.


A breastplate secures the gear to the horse and is especially useful on horses with broad shoulders and a flat rib cage. It's also a safety feature in that if the rider's girth or billets break, the rider will have time to halt and dismount before the saddle falls entirely off. It might be tough to choose the proper breastplate for you and your horse. It's critical to get the perfect breastplate so that it not only fits the horse but also meets your demands as a rider. We will have a breastplate that matches your demands, whether it is to attach a pair of martingale rings or to keep the saddle from slipping backward.

A basic pair of leather martingale rings is included with every breastplate. We do, however, offer two other martingale choices that serve distinct goals and might be valuable to you.


A horse halter is an essential part of tack used to lead or tie up a horse, but you have many options to choose from. Halters come in different varieties and materials, each suited for a specific purpose. Once you’ve selected a halter, you’ll have to ensure a good fit for your horse’s comfort and safety.


The Martingale's purpose is to keep the horse's head from rising to a point where the rider loses control. The Martingale features a fixed loop for fastening to the girth and is simply adjusted at the neck. It prevents the neck and horseback from being pushed away. However, many riding instructors believe that martingales can help beginners keep their hands calm. As a result, you can avoid the conflicts that a shaky hand might generate. Others argue that while employing martingales and other kinds of supplementary reins, the rider loses connection with the horse. Horseback riding gear guarantees that you have a comfortable and safe experience when riding a horse, which is critical for beginners. These equipment can assist you in learning more quickly. Always take the size in mind when selecting these things. Having gear that doesn't fit properly is the same as not having any gear at all.

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