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Make your home a haven with the help of the finest Instagram home decor influencers.

Make your home a haven with the help of the finest Instagram home decor influencers.

Make your home a haven with the help of the finest Instagram home decor influencers.

Because of the pandemic and the lockdowns, we all began to appreciate the idea of staying at home. After all of the cup cakes and dalgona coffees we created, we turned to these Instagram home decor influencers for serious design and renovation inspiration.

If you thought Pinterest aesthetics only looked beautiful in your phone gallery, these lifestyle and home decor influencers will prove you wrong. Their homes are not only straight out of a Pinterest mood board, but every project they embark on is like witnessing magic happen. There is no shortage of design tips, techniques, and hacks available, whether you are moving into a new house or looking for ways to spice up your current area. We've compiled a list of the top Indian home decor Instagram influencers you should be following right now.

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The finest Instagram home decor influencers to follow

Tara Lange

This is the Instagram account to follow if you want to give your home a nomad vibe. Tara has constructed a mini-India within her Finnish house, and it's all about the Goa vibes. This home is filled with plants, yellow and turquoise walls, floral wallpapers, bohemian furniture, vintage rugs, and side drawers. However, if you want the same sentiments for your home, simply follow her religiously.

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Bhavna Bhatnagar

If you're in the mood for gorgeous things, you should follow this home decor influencer on Instagram. Decorating homes and compiling design suggestions for design and decor fans is what her page is about, with gorgeous home décor and a touch of her trip adventures across picturesque destinations. She also reposts a lot of other designers and homes on her Instagram, so it's a terrific way to meet a lot of other décor influencers.

Kruti Badiani

Kruti Badiani, a décor stylist, is one of the amazing home decor influencers on Instagram to follow if you are new to the world of home design. Her Instagram page is full of easy hacks, easy-to-care-for indoor plants, and practical recommendations on what colours to add in your home. She is inspired by nature, so expect a lot of greens and earthy tones. She also loves monochrome wall decorations against pastel walls!

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Navneet Sandhu Singh

She works as an architect and upcycles for a living. That explains her preference for ecological decor and ethical sourcing for all of her decor pieces. If you enjoy DIYing or want to get started, this is one of the greatest Instagram home décor influencers to follow. Her feed is a visual pleasure, with a wide range of upcycled goods, travel treasures, and an overall classic tone with touches of teal blue, beige, and brown.

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Tanvi Agarwal

Hippie, boho, colorful- if this appeals to you, you should follow this home décor influencer on Instagram. She promotes handcrafted decor or items acquired from Indian merchants and craftsmen on her account, going genuinely Vocal for Local. Her home is full of happy places and bright colours, with everything from candle stands to flower vases to lovely frames to fairy lights and dreamcatchers.

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