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How to Choose the Perfect Saddle for your Horse?

How to Choose the Perfect Saddle for your Horse?

How to Choose the Perfect Saddle for your Horse?

Problems with most Saddles

  1. An incorrect saddle hinders your balance while riding instead of providing it
  2. It is difficult to find a saddle that will sit you comfortably (not enough depth in the seats)

Stance on the Saddle

  • Place yourself in the exact middle of the saddle. In a well-designed saddle, it will be easy to find that sweet spot which feels comfortable and provides perfect balance while riding.
  • Stand on your Stirrup (a loop, ring, or other device made of leather, wood, metal, or another material that is hanging from a horse's saddle to support the rider's foot) and make sure that the stirrup is not so long that you have to tip-toe on it. There should be enough gap between your saddle and pelvis, and you should be able to stand on the stirrup with a strong grip.
  • Your shoulder and hips should align while sitting on the saddle for better balancing.

How to keep the saddle from sliding?

Riding Gears:

  • Breastplate is a component of riding equipment used to prevent the saddle or harness of a horse from slipping or sliding back. It stabilizes the saddle; it also gives the rider something to grip onto and still permits a horse's powerful shoulders to move.

It fastens to the horse saddle's D-rings. The horse's shoulders can move more freely due to the breastplate's style of design.

We already have a very detailed blog that covers different types of breastplates, their fittings, and instructions on how to use them.

Link for the same is:

  • The Girth's purpose is to secure the saddle to the horse and prohibit it from slipping from side to side. A horse's girth fastens to your saddles' "billet straps" with buckles. These three straps are located on each side of the saddle, just below the top flap.

A strap that is fastened to the girth and runs between the horse's front legs before splitting into two segments is called the running Martingale.

A piece of equestrian equipment known as a martingale serves as an extra means of control and is used to manage a horse's head carriage. It stops a horse from raising its head up so high that it strikes the rider in the face.

We have already covered a blog describing the uses and benefits of martingales.

Link for the same is:


Another equestrian equipment called Bridle is available which is the most fundamental component of the horse's headpiece. It's employed to guide a horse. The horse and rider primarily communicate and are controlled by the bridle.

We have a dedicated blog covering bridles in great depth.

Link for the same is:

  • An essential piece of equipment for leading or tying up your horse is a Horse Halter. When cleaning, transporting, and grooming your horse, a halter is advised. A halter makes it simple for you to control your horse and keep it secure. Some halters are intended for particular uses, such as shipping and grooming while some are more general-purpose.

We also have a blog discussing horse halters and its types in great length.

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  • Difference between a Bridle and a Halter:

Horse halters and bridles can occasionally be confused. A bridle is typically used by a person who is riding or driving an animal that has been trained in this use, in contrast to a halter, which is typically used by a handler on the ground to lead or tie up an animal.

All these equipment may look like they are working in silos when looked at individually but in reality, they work in tandem. A breastplate needs to be connected to the saddle. A martingale will have to be connected to the girth. So, while choosing a perfect saddle for your horse, all these factors will have to be considered before making any decision as investing in horse tack is a huge risk as every product is a bit expensive.

We, at The Ashva, always try our best to provide top notch quality products for your horse.  Our main goal is to ensure both you and your horse always have the best and most comfortable horse riding experience!

  • We also have a blog that covers in great depth everything a beginner could need while starting off horse riding.

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