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All you need to know about the Breastplates - theashva -

All you need to know about the Breastplates - theashva -

All you need to know about the Breastplates - theashva -

You'd be amazed at the number of individuals who use a breastplate on their horse mostly for looks. Well Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. We’ll admit it looks cool. It makes a horse look even more like a horse. So if fashion’s your thing, then using a breastplate is perfectly fine. In any case, there’s another reason for using a breastplate, and it’s far more important. As you might know, A breastplate gets the tack onto the horse and turns out to be especially useful with huge shoulders and flat ribcage. Its additionally a security part from the angle that if the riders size or billets should break, the rider will have the opportunity to pause and descent before the saddle slips totally off.

A breastplate is a piece of riding gear, used to keep the saddle or harness on a horse from sliding back. It gets the saddle, yet permits horse's large shoulders to move and gives the rider something to hold onto. Sometimes horses need them specifically for a job they do. For many, a breastplate gives your hands a place to grab. That’s because the breastplate’s strap goes over the withers that ridge between his shoulder blades. It’s helpful for fledgling riders, on a horse that is moving, or if a horse makes a lot of jerking motions.

Breastplates are usually used to help keep the saddle in the right place and prevent it from slipping back. They spread the pressure evenly over the withers and horse's chest causing minimal discomfort for the horse. Some breastplates by Ashva have a removable running martingale attachment that can be threaded through the reins and help prevent the horse from raising its head too much. The breastplates are used on both English as well as Western saddles. It is usually crafted from more thin leather straps if used in English riding or Western-style horse shows.

Fitting a Breastplate

As noted, you don't want to fit a breastplate in way that might restrict movement. It should be extended across his shoulders yet take into consideration for full range of motion in that area. Observe the chest and region between his front legs as well. There a fist should fit between the breastplate and the horse’s chest, and there should be a hand with between the wither strap and withers. There’s shouldn’t be a gap in the leather from the girth between his legs in the Y-shape version.

The breast strap ought to have a little play, but you don't want the buckle rubbing against delicate skin. If you notice hair loss, that is a certain sign that you need to make a change in his fit. You could also consider a new style breastplate altogether, or simply add some padding.

Purpose of Breastplates

For each of the various types and purposes of horse riding, there is an ideal breastplate that can be utilized. If the breastplate isn't fitted accurately, it can confine your horse's relaxing. There is the possibility of this with the loop breastplate as it runs across the underside of the horse's neck. Thus, the breastplate should fit impeccably, so it doesn't make any uneasiness the horse. Various types of breastplates will fit differently, thus prior to riding, checks should be made to ensure the breastplate has been fitted properly.

Care Instructions

To maximise a breastplate's life span and help prevent staining on it, Ashva highly recommends a leather care routine after each use.

  • Use lukewarm water on a soft sponge or damp cloth to gently remove the dust, dirt, or grease from the surface. Please be extra careful to clean the areas around the buckles and the key points of contact with the horse.
  • Ashva recommends conditioning the leather using a soap/cream sometimes, being extra cautious about rubbing lightly and in a circular motion till all of the soap/cream has been absorbed.
  • Using a clean tissue/cloth, wipe away excess product from the surface of the breastplate.
  • Leave the leather to dry naturally in a well-ventilated place and away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Breastplates can be costly, yet it’s likely a smart thought to have one. Let’s take a closer look below:

3 Point Breastplates

The 3-point elastic breastplate is specially designed to provide the horse with greater comfort and freedom of movement. Its finely stitched finishes elegantly complete its design. It is delivered with an elastic martingale fork with removable rings, and its security saddle-stud fastening system increases both horse and rider’s safety.

This type of breastplate is fully adjustable to fit a variety of horses the elastic inserts allow for freedom of movement without restriction. The breastplate is padded in all areas most needed for maximum comfort for the horse as well as raised leather and contrast stitching to team up with rests. This breastplate is made from the finest quality leather for an instantly worn feel.

'5 Point Breastplates

Ashva brings you the most trendy, fashionable and very technically crafted Special design breastplate to hold horse from 5 points to increase the comfort and control of Ride and Mount. The overarching objective of a breastplate is to keep the saddle centered.

A five-point breastplate will help the user in keeping the girth more forward, preventing it from the probability of slipping back. The 5 point design will naturally distribute the pressure over a larger area than a breastplate with just a couple of points of contact. It could also be said that 5 point breastplates don’t put as much pressure on the tree of the saddle when the rider jump.

Breastcollar Breastplates

One variation of Breaststraps is a Breatcollar. It helps to keep your saddle from sliding back, it secures the saddle to the tack and can be especially useful on a horse with large shoulders. It is also useful as a safety feature when eventing or riding cross country to hold the saddle on in case you lose the girth or billet straps.

The breastcollar is safer than others, since it connects to either the front billet of the saddle, or to the front branch of a split-end girth (which is even more secure). It is in this way generally attractive in eventing, particularly on the cross-country phase, polo, and other jumping disciplines. It isn't utilized in dressage, chase seat, or equitation.

This style of breastcollar doesn't meddle with the horse's shoulders, as some other styles can do. In any case, this style might meddle with the horse's ability to breathe when it puts its head far down. Accordingly, this style isn't desirable for jumping and riding in steep terrain.

Elastic Breastplates

The Elastic Breastplates are an advanced variant of the hunting breastplates, with straps made of elastic (not leather), allowing greater freedom in the horse's shoulders. Unlike others, the elastic type is meant to stretch under pressure from the saddle. If it is loose to begin with, it will have no affect when called for. It should be snug but not stretched when first fitting it. If placed properly, it has no affect on horse's airway.

Like the traditional breastplates, elastic breastplates also avoid pressure on the horse's windpipe due to its ‘Y’ shape. It secures the saddle at the D-rings, and the front strap passes between the front legs and fits the girth. When fitted accurately, you must be able to move your fist under the ring at the centre of the chest.

On the other hand, the elastic breast girth is a broad strap made from a thick elastic, with no wither strap. It attaches to the D-rings on the horse's saddle. This type of design of the breastplate allows the horse’s shoulders to move more freely. However, while attaching it, you must be careful that it doesn’t rest on the horse's windpipe. The Elastic Breastplates are used during everyday riding to hold the saddle in place.

Hunting Breastplates

Discover Ashva's all new traditionally styled Adjustable Hunting Breastplate which prevent the saddle from slipping backward with the help of 3 point breastplate. They are available in quality leather and fully adjustable at the neck, girth and withers for a perfect fit. A shaped center piece provides greater protection from pinching and distributes pressure more evenly when the horse is ridden over rugged terrain. It includes a running martingale attachment and features standard buckle attachments. The simple style of this breastplate is a perfect match for your next foxhunt or event.

Hunt with pride when you add this lovely breastplate by Ashva to your horse. These hunting breastplates have fine detail stitching and are easily adjustable to your horse. The hunting breastplates come in various sizes like pony, cob, full or oversize and in different colours like black, brown or natural.

Racing Breastplates

The racing breastplate is designed to prevent the saddle slipping back whilst the horse is moving. The strap fitted across the shoulders is usually made from leather, webbing, elastic or sheepskin. It should be situated at the top of the shoulders, just below the bottom of the gullet, and fitted tightly without causing restriction or rubbing to the horse’s shoulders.

The Racing Breastplates have a hoop to go over the horse's neck and attach to the saddle's girth straps. These are slightly different from the rest as they don't attach to the girth between the legs. Racing Breastplates are used for every day riding or racing.

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