How We Became What We Are Today?

On January 11, 2018, out of the blue, Pharoscion( got a call from Noble Park, Australia. The call came from the owner of an e-commerce portal, seeking assistance for his online business. The agency accepted the offer without hesitation and with the assistance of a web developer, delivered the solution flawlessly. As we all know, if you complete a project neatly and long before the deadline, it creates the necessary buzz, leading to more and more projects in the pipeline from different clients. And that’s exactly how Pharosion Global became a modern-era digital transformation agency with a global presence—a bootstrapped agency profitably running the business. Without taking any funding from any investor, the agency has been able to make its footmarks in Australia, Nepal, India, the UK, and the USA and is now trying to embark on its journey in other countries as well.

Pharoscion Global is a cloud and analytics-based digital transformation agency that focuses on the modern-era needs of businesses and startups. With a team comprising minds from IITs, IIMs and other experienced scholars, Pharoscion is your partner in areas (not limited to) like Cloud-based IT Products and Services, Digital Marketing, Branding, Data Analytics, SEO/SEM, as well as in Creative and Ads. Since January 2018, the agency has been following the "4Cs" strategy: curiosity, curation, commercial, and commencement, which has helped ventures achieve 10x growth. Just like any other business enthusiast, we too are passionate about changing the world for the better.

Just the way Pharos, "The Lighthouse of Alexandria City," was built to help guide ships into port and Julius Caesar, in his Civil Wars (Part III, 111-112), describes the strategic importance as, "Now because of the narrowness of the strait, there can be no access by ship to the harbor without the consent of those who hold the Pharos." Likewise, in the 21st century, every Pharoscion has pledged to help businesses globally.

This journey has started with just INR 4000. Yes, that is the exact amount the agency spent on its very first project, bestowed by the Australian company – Everstore Australia Pty Ltd. This success is the result of the combined efforts of every Pharoscion. After helping Everstore Australia with its other portals (,,, one of its Pharoscion co-founded The Pizza Central, a franchised based pizzeria chain. Pharoscion Global provides services in the areas of Digital Marketing, Branding, Software for Cafe Management, Business Development and Sales, Content and Copywriting, Website and App Development for The Pizza Central. When the winning streak continued for The Pizza Central, the agency expanded its business deliverables to the next level by launching multiple cloud- based apps like Food Khazaana, King Mechanic, PharoAssist, PharoBill, Branding and Digital Marketing, and tech products like ERP and CRM Solutions for big companies, which are running in multiple countries successfully.

With a vision of being the Pharos of the 21st century for to-be and existing brands, Pharoscion Global also geared up to team up with various prestigious institutes of India like IIMs and IITs with its flagship internship program, "Get Hands Dirty."

Agencies’ mission of helping startups and businesses like the sun by day and fire by night makes it drive its sensible approach towards social responsibilities. By collaborating with Dadheech International Trade Foundation, Brahmani Welfare Foundation, Sounds of Nidra, and many schools, it is doing its part in uplifting society and humanity.

Every Pharoscion believes what Bertrand Russell says.
"Do not fear being eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric."

With a hybrid work culture since inception, and keeping the above quote in mind, the agency is helping as many ideas as possible to become successful start-ups and businesses with its state-of- the-art solutions in areas like cloud computing, data analytics, software and web development, marketing, branding, and artist management. In this pursuit of excellence, it has also collaborated with its global partners – NxtGen, HostingRaja, and 3dotcommunication – and firmly believes in making Pharoscion Global a brand that people around the world trust.

Every Pharoscion on the team is a proud supporter of the Union Government of India's #MakeInIndia, #VocalForLocal, and #StartUpIndia initiatives.

Every Pharoscion is committed to enlighten your businesses with latest technologies, design thinking, business consulting and digital marketing.

Pharoscion is currently supporting MSME Businesses Globally in 4 Continents successfully. As a team we aim to become a global brand on which people trust.

Our Commitments

Our Vision

"Be the Pharos of 21st century for to-be and existing brands."

pharoscion vision
Our Mission

"Become a global leader by helping startups and businesses like the sun by day and fire by night, making sure they thrive and create positive impact globally using our products and services."

pharoscion mission
Our Values

Ambitious - Every Pharoscion has an aim to achieve high in life, that's how one can succeed.

Team - Oriented - Every Pharoscion is first to initiate in team and is definitely a team player.

Optimistic - Every Pharoscion has a positive attitude towards their work.

Adaptable - Every Pharoscion has a can-do attitude and a mindset of learning new skills on the go.

Commitment - Every Pharoscion is committed towards their work and is a go-getter.

Punctual - Every Pharoscion is punctual about their work.

pharoscion values


At Pharoscion Global, our team is your team. When the aim of your business is to put your best foot forward, you need the best of the best to drive that vision ahead.
Our team, or rather your team, comprises of dynamic individuals with a passion for delivering digital-first services and solutions.

Sanjay Kumar Chaubey


Rishi Dadhich

Chief Pharoscion

Prachi Pimpalgaonkar

Program Manager

Rupali Agarwal

Digital Unit Lead

Aleem Siddiqui

Technical Unit Lead

Shilpa Nagargoje

Graphics Consultant

Priyadarsani Panda

Associate HR Consultant

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